yamp kolt
spellbound montage_表1 2019年8月14日発売


spellbound montage / sofa & yamp kolt
FAR-0011 ¥2,500(税別)
『魔法にかかった音のモンタージュたち 繰り返さず 繰り返す 音のまたたき』

yamp koltのアンビエント・ユニット「sofa & yamp kolt」のファースト・アルバムです。


yamp koltは、ベース、ピアノ、ギター、シンセサイザーらを演奏し、作曲、編曲、エンジニアリングも。




“ spellbound montage “ is the first album of ” sofa & yamp kolt “ .
” sofa & yamp kolt “ is the ambient unit of yamp kolt (since 2019).
yamp kolt plays the improvised music in his live performances or in the studio.
It’s sometimes relaxed and sometimes stimulating.
A magic moment does not follow for a long time, then he mixes the tracks to make a montage of the ambient music.
yamp kolt plays e.bass, piano, guitar, synthesizer and other instruments, he composed, arranged and mixed.
The airy simple pianos, violin and strings will change busy time at relaxed time.
When you take a bath slowly, when you nap, when you watch big scenery, when you drink tea. . .
It’s like the dancing flame of light, and it is like the surface of the water.
You will hear repeated sounds in an unrepetitive style.
The blink of the sound to be repeated without being repeated.
The montages which are spellbound.

  1. maple shore
  2. fade off
  3. shade by the sea
  4. cinnamon horse
  5. upper balcony
  6. module
  7. float for a second
  8. nap slide
  9. sofa with a view
  10. circle around